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Facial Services


Dermaplaning Facial 60 minutes $99.00

Who doesn’t want smoother, softer, more transparent and younger-looking skin? Seems too good to be true. Not anymore! We are here with a non-surgical option for you to achieve your skin goals. Our derma planning procedure is an advanced technique to get rid of dead skin cells, acne scars and fine lines without using dangerous medications or undergoing surgery.

LA Figure Day Spa’s Dermaplaning procedure requires a skilled professional to use a surgical scalpel to remove dead skin cells and fine, vellus hair from tautly stretched skin (peach fuzz). It is a non-invasive, absolutely secure method of skin regeneration. Many people mistakenly believe that shaving and Dermaplaning are the same things. The blades on most razors are substantially duller than those on a surgical edge. Dermaplaning resurfaces skin on a much deeper and more effective level than shaving and involves short strokes at a 45-degree angle in a specific pattern.

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial 60 minutes $99.00

Being the most exposed part of the body, skin constantly interacts with pollution, dirt and debris. This results in clogged pores, frequent breakouts, oil production, wrinkles, dehydration and other skin conditions. Consequently, your skin appears more dull, aged and dirty despite all your attempts to look fresh.

LA Figure Day Spa brings you an ideal solution to get rid of dull and aged skin. Our deep pore cleansing facial is targeted to relax your facial muscles, make your skin look more vibrant, and eliminate any stubborn issues you might be facing. We begin by exfoliating your skin to loosen pores and remove dirt and debris, followed by deep cleansing to cleanse the deep layers of your skin. The treatment is non-invasive and non-surgical, which requires no recovery time but shows instant results. However, make sure you wear sunscreen after the procedure to avoid redness and sunburn.


Spa Facial Signature Treatment

LAFIGURE signature Facial 90min $200.00

Exclusively created for LAFIGURE day spa

This treatment uses high quality imported products and specialized techniques leaving your skin revitalized firm nourished and glowing.

Full facial experience begins with complete skin assessment following with H2 O2 facial instruments including Hydro Oxygen and Bio-polar Radio Frequency.

New Face Elevated

New Face Elevated 90min $165.00

Welcome to a new face with this face and neck treatment we use imported products the massage technique of Kobi do formulas full effectiveness to nourish remodel sculp and contour the face while elevating the skin of neck every part of the face and neck will be rejuvenated.


Treatment upgrades

Steam and Extractions $25

Purify your skin with opening of the pores this gentle process is for the face and body.

Eye collagen treatment $25

Fights puffiness fine lines and dark circles while revitalizing the fragile skin around the eyes

Face collagen treatment $25

Improves skins elasticity and firmness skin is lifted and hydrated

Bamboo Fusion $25

Warm bamboo sticks for deeper skin penetration.

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The Facial Classics

THE CLASSICS Luminosity Ritual 60 min $95.00

Deeply hydrates the skin to restore suppleness stimulating cell removal infused with vitamin C to refine skin texture.