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About Us


Who are we?

LA Figure Day Spa is a leading name in the beauty and wellness industry. Based in Indiana, Indianapolis, we are a day spa practice determined to help our clients achieve their beauty and wellness goals. What drives LA Figure Day Spa is our passion for promoting wellness and skin and body rejuvenation which gives people the confidence to embrace their beauty without undergoing surgical treatments. We are an inclusive day spa where men and women alike can benefit from our wide array of non-invasive beauty procedures.

At LA Figure Day Spa, we believe in looking after yourself, pampering your body and giving it time to heal and nourish itself. With the help of our aesthetic treatments, you enhance your appearance and cleanse your body tissues and cellular system, which naturally boosts your body’s ability to fight infections and prevent sweeping. Our mission at LA Figure Day Spa is to give people a holistic approach to achieve wellness and revitalize their inner and outer selves through non-medical treatments.